Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

MCubed T-Balancer: Programming Your Own Lighting Effects

What the Sunbeam Lightbus can't do, namely programming of lighting effects, is no problem for mCubed's T-Balancer. Its channels can be assigned a variety of different effects via USB and an easy-to-use software program. The controller comes as either an external box or an internal expansion card, both of which employ the same basic hardware. Mechanically, the internal T-Balancer looks like a PCI card, but it has no connection with the PCI bus. The connection is accomplished via USB port. Our complete T-Balancer test may be found here .

External USB version of the T-Balancer

Internal card, but no PCI interface

This allows you to individually program the T-Balancer's four channels

The new command center controls lights and fans and monitors the PC with heat sensors

The video files below show only a fraction of the range of possibilities offered by the T-Balancer.

To play the video you need the latest codec from .

Siggy Moersch