Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Lighted Components

In our search for a suitable mainboard we found a winner with Abit. The Fatal1ty AA8XE comes with functioning LEDs pre-installed on the back of the board. When the motherboard is installed, however, these are not easy to see unless you are using a Plexiglas case, which also helps makes the most of the lighted power supply.

With no case the LEDs are quite striking

Motherboard installed in Plexiglas case

Aspire's power supply gleams blue


It's really amazing what you can do with lighting. In addition to light sticks, illuminated fans are also becoming increasingly popular. The latest craze is fans that light up LEDs through electrical induction. Having the right PC case, ideally with a side window , is important for properly displaying lighting effects. You might want to just go ahead and get a Plexiglas case as long as you can do without electromagnetic compatibility.

Byproduct: my own personal lighthouse

Siggy Moersch