Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

PC Spotlight: Light Off, Spot On

In addition to fan and light sticks, spotlights are a good means for placing a light source in or on cases, and come in single or multiple colors. The Taiwanese manufacturer Sunbeam even goes one step further, connecting tri-color LEDs with a controller called the Chameleon that installs into a free 5.25" bay. A dimmer knob adjusts the red, blue, and green colors of the four attached spotlights. The colors can also be turned off individually, allowing colors such as purple (by combining only red and blue.) The controller is set up for four light sources; for anything beyond that you have to install another Chameleon. The controller does not work with normal spotlights however.

Chameleon controller box

The spots are very bright

You can even produce white light

A selection of color combinations

The Chameleon controller from Sunbeam

The unit handles four special LED spots

Siggy Moersch