Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Logisys: FAN With 9 LEDs

When turned off, Logisys' 9-LED fan looks no different from other system fans. You can only see the 4 LEDs in the transparent plastic on the fan's cross bracing. Even after you turn it on, the 9- LED fan is reluctant to yield its secret. The solution of the mystery is only to be found on the back side.

Looks like a normal 4-LED fan, but where are the other five?

The other 5 LEDs are found on an extra board, stuck onto the redor axle of the fan. The fan generates its own power instead of relying on that of the PC it is connected with. The principle is both simple and ingenious: a dynamo is located on the axle like a light on a bicycle. As the fan redates, a number of induction strips move around inside a permanent magnet. This produces electricity to light up the 5 LEDs. A tiny control unit keeps the lighting sequence constantly changing, resulting in all kinds of different patterns. Our video provides a good view of these effects.

The other LEDs are set in the center of the fan

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Siggy Moersch