Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Sharkoon UV Strobe Fan: UV-Sensitive

This small red fan has four lustrous blue LEDs. Nothing remarkable in itself for a $9 system fan, if it weren't for the long connector cable. The UV Strobe Fan is controlled by two knobs: one for fan speed, the other for regulating the blinking interval of the four LED lights. The combination of the two is what creates the model's special lighting effects. Setting the controls one particular way even makes it look like the fan blades are moving backwards - an optical illusion.

Unfortunately, the knobs are a hassle to deal with, as the control unit is not easily accessible after mounting unless you leave it hanging out of the back of the PC. Sliding it into a 3.5 or 5.25" bay would be a better solution.

The UV Strobe Fan features two knobs

The control unit is pretty hard to reach after installation

This video shows you everything that can't be captured in a photo: Download Sharkoon UV Strobe video

To play the video you need the latest codec from .

Siggy Moersch