CeBIT 2008 - Previewing The Trends

SyncMaster 2263UW - Would You Like A Little Screen On The Side?

Samsung's SyncMaster 2263UW with UbiSync7 (known as the 2263DX in the USA)

Samsung's SyncMaster 2236UW is certain to turn a few heads. This 22" flat panel monitor ships with an additional miniature display that attaches to the main chassis on the left, right or top of the frame. The extra display allows you to keep windows of IM clients such as Skype or toolbars for image editing programs open without cluttering your desktop or taking away space from the main window on the big display.

Equipped with an integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam and a microphone, the 2263UW is optimized for video conferences.

What's so intriguing about the 7" add-on monitor with the product name Ubisync7 is that is connected via USB DisplayLink and not via the graphics card. Consequently, we can't expect any miracles as far as response time goes. At least the user gets to choose between portrait and landscape mode. Driver support only exists for Windows Vista and XP, with Mac OS and Linux users left out in the cold. Vista still has some issues when playing back videos, displaying the Aero Glass interface or when showing a slideshow through Windows Photo Gallery.

In the US, Samsung sells the same model under the name 2263DX for $550.

Samsung has set up its presence in Hall 26 at stand D60 .

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