CeBIT 2008 - Previewing The Trends

IBM - Big Blue Goes Green

Using examples from the industry, IBM and its partners will demonstrate new approaches and services for large companies and medium sized businesses that support the creation of an innovative organization or business using IBM solutions. "Green Responsibility" showcases environmentally friendly solutions and technologies that can be used in creating an ecologically sound business - an approach also known as "Green Enterprise". That's not all, though. IBM will also show innovations from its R&D centers that embrace the idea of "Green IT". IBM's Green Responsibility will be explored from different points of view at CeBIT with special attention given to the topics of energy production, management of distribution and optimization of consumption. In addition to presenting several research projects from the field of solar technology on resource conservation and recycling of silicon, some other projects will also present estimates on climate change.

IBM 3D Avatar Showcases: Using software developed by IBM's Zurich research lab, doctors can monitor a patient's status using a 3D model.

IBM can be found in Hall 2 at stand A10 as well as in Hall 9.

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