CeBIT 2008 - Previewing The Trends

TrekStor DataStation Maxi M.ub - Saving Private Data

TrekStor is a company best known for its storage products. At this year's CeBIT, the company is unveiling a data rescue service that will be available for its products free of charge. Initially, this service will only be offered for external 3.5" drives of belonging to the DataStation maxi m.ub series, which are available with capacities between 160 GB and 1 TB. Later, the service will be extended to other products and product lines as well. Devices benefitting from the data rescue service will sport an appropriate logo on their retail box.

The data rescue logo

Data loss in external hard drives can be caused by many factors. The most obvious are rough treatment, liquids leaking into the case or variations in temperature which can all lead to unreadable data. In response, TrekStor is offering buyers of their DataStation maxi m.ub series of drives their own data recovery service, which users can take advantage of free of charge within the first 12 months after purchase.

Data purposely deleted by the user is exempt from this offer, though. Also, buyers have to register their product on TrekStor's website within 60 days of purchase. When a user wants to take advantage of the data recovery service, they have to provide a detailed description of the problem. TrekStor will then cover the cost for shipping and handling.

TrekStor Datastation Maxi m.ub

In TrekStor's lab, data recovery then proceeds according to an individual recovery concept adapted to the individual cause of the problem as described by the user. The company has a clean room at its disposal to deal with mechanical faults. More information on TrekStor's data recovery service and the DataStation maxi m.ub line is available directly from Trekstor, Hall 18, stand A01 .

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