CeBIT 2008 - Previewing The Trends

ASUS G70 -The First Gaming Notebook With NVIDIA's SLI Technology

ASUS is presenting its new highlight in the notebook gaming arena with the G70. This is also ASUS' first notebook to support two Nvidia 8700M GT graphics processors that have 1 GB of dedicated video memory at their disposal. Two hard disks offer more than sufficient capacity and provide optimal transfer rates. When little 3D power is required, one of the graphics chips shuts itself down, coming back online when more rendering muscle is required. Equipped with a HD display with a resolution of 1900 x 1200 pixels, an integrated TV tuner, a remote control, stereo speakers, and an HDMI interface, the ASUS G70 is the perfect companion for high-res games and movies.

Next, ASUS will also be showing the U2 designer notebook with a 32 GB SSD (solid state disk) at its stand, which will be under the motto "Looking ahead 2008". The black 11" U2 is also ASUS' first subnotebook to use an SSD drive instead of a conventional 2.5" hard disk. Compared to standard HDD, modern SSDs allow for faster access times, reducing boot times noticeably. Also, the SSD module is less susceptible to bumps and physical shock than a spinning platter in a conventional HDD.

Based on an Intel Core Duo ULV CPU, the U2 sports such security features as a TPM and finger print sensor and comes with an 11.1" WXGA display with power-efficient LED backlighting, as well as three USB ports and a webcam. Despite the fact that it also has an integrated super-multi drive, the entire unit weighs only about 1300 grams.


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  • ASUS G70: Notebook with SLI technology
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Asus m930

Hall 26, Stand D39

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