Chenbro's Granite Case Review

Front Panel

As discussed earlier, the front panel is easily removed. The front plate will swing outward after pushing the release switch. You can see the two USB connectors and the seven LED lights. The brushed aluminum power switch is also on the front. It can only be accessed by opening the front plate. Access to the power switch can be controlled by engaging the cylinder lock at the bottom of the panel.

The back view of the front panel looks pretty ordinary except for one very good feature. Dust is the enemy of all computers, especially with servers that must run 24 hours a day. The SR209 has a foam dust filter that covers the bottom air intake. The filter can easily be removed and cleaned.

Foam dust filter


Although meant for the entry-level workstation or server market, this case would perform quite well for the home user and the hard-core gamer. You might not win any Case Modding contests with it, but you can be assured that case will stand up to the abuses of a LAN Party.

The Chenbro Granite SR209 case is a solid and dependable case. With its three external and four internal drive bays, the SR209 comes with plenty of space for expandability. The tooless design makes disassembly easy and quick. The drive cages make hard-drive installation a snap. All in all, the Chenbro Granite SR209 is a very good case.