Chenbro's Granite Case Review

Outside And Inside

Side view

The outside of the case has a matte black finish. The construction is solid and the case has very little flex to it. The side, bottom and top panels are slightly thicker than most other cases. On the bottom, the four feet can be folded outward for greater case stability.

The side panel is removed by lifting up a latch in the back and then lifting the panel up and back. The front panel is easily taken off by pushing two levers to the front. We will talk more about the front panel in the next section.

Closer look inside

After taking off the side panel, we can look into the roomy interior. The case will accept an ATX motherboard of up to 12 inches x10.5 inches.

Front Top

External 5.25 inch tray

The top of the front side holds three 5.25 inch external bays. One pop-out external tray is provided. The other two bays have metal plates that can be removed in just seconds. These metal plates are NOT the type that have to be twisted until they break off.