Comparison of Graphics Cards with NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Chip

Diamond Viper V550

Diamond's viper V550 is one of the smallest TNT cards, similar to the Hercules Dynamite TNT. It comes with video out and it's supposed to ship with a Soft-DVD-decoder, which is a convenient thing if you haven't got a Home-DVD-player yet. The memory of the Viper is only running at up to 115 MHz, which is not a lot and the passive heat sink is also making sure that the chip will never freeze.

The drivers are a bit poor in comparison with the others, there is not much that you can change really. Diamond provides a set of the well-known InControl-Tools as well.


The Viper V550 is another example for an average TNT card, but it comes with the largest software bundle after all. So if you are interested in the software that's provided with this Diamond product and if you like the video out, you may want to consider the Viper V550. It's my 3rd choice in this comparison.