Comparison of Graphics Cards with NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Chip

Software Bundles - Asus V3400TNT(/TV)

No software bundle

Software Bundles - Creative Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT

  • Software bundle Europe:
  • MultiMedia MM200 SE from Scala
  • Forsaken by Acclaim Entertainment
  • Incoming from Rage software
  • Software bundle North America:
  • Forsaken by Acclaim Entertainment
  • Colorific by Sonnetech, Ltd.
  • 3DEEP by Sonnetech, Ltd.

Software Bundles - Diamond Viper V550

  • Optional software bundle Europe:
  • Motorhead from Gremlin Software
  • PhotoSuite SE from MGI Software
  • Fremont SE from Portola Dimensional Systems
  • SoftDVD-Decoder (Region 2)
  • Optional software bundle North America:
  • Motorhead (full version) by Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
  • Fremont SE by Portola Dimensional Systems
  • Microsoft's Game Sampler for Windows 98
  • CrystalGraphics 3D Sensations
  • Software DVD (Region 1)
  • MGI's Photosuite SE
  • PLATINUM's VRCreator/Learning Edition
  • BackWeb Software

Software Bundles - Elsa ERAZOR II

  • Need For Speed III
  • Recoil

Software Bundles - Hercules Dynamite TNT

No software bundle

Software Bundles - STB Velocity 4400

  • NFL Blitz
  • 3Deep
  • Web3D
  • Soft-DVD-decoder

I don't want to say much about the software bundles, since it's pretty much a question of taste. I think that a software DVD player and the games Need For Speed III and NFL Blitz are the most attractive additions to a TNT card, but you may have different opinions. Hercules and Asus are not providing any software with their cards, which could be a negative thing for some of you. I personally prefer good hardware over an average hardware/nice software deal.