Comparison of Graphics Cards with NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Chip

Heat Report Part 2

At 110 MHz and 115 MHz the air is getting pretty thin. Only the two boards with active cooling are still in the race. The Asus card seems pretty unimpressed by the high clock, which shows the superiority of the Asus cooler.

Finally the V3400TNT(/TV) is all alone running at an incredible 120 MHz chip clock, 33% over the default clock.

The value of an active heat sink is pretty obvious now. I doubt that it was a wise decision when Elsa decided shipping the Erazor II without a fan anymore. Older Elsa Erazor II cards with the heat sink perform pretty much like the Hercules card from the temperature point of view. STB should wonder if they couldn't use a heat sink that's at least a bit better than what they use now. Diamond and Creative have decent heat sinks, but they certainly don't deserve any kind of technical award for it. Hercules went into the right direction, Asus made it perfect.