Comparison of Graphics Cards with NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Chip

Overclocking Part 4

This chart shows you how much 3d performance could be achieved by each card when running it at the fastest settings:

Logically the V3400TNT is the fastest, because it was overclocked the most, Elsa's Erazor II was the slowest in the test with the default settings and due to its bad heat sink it cannot go up any further than 100 MHz so that it only reaches the last place. The Creative Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT was also using the 'fast memory timings' from Powerstrip.

Summarizing the overclocking comparison shows that the best boards for overclocking are clearly the Asus and the Hercules board. The Dynamite TNT is more convenient, because you don't need Powerstrip for overclocking, but the V3400TNT is cooled better. The STB and Elsa board should rather be avoided by overclockers.