Comparison of Graphics Cards with NVIDIA's RIVA TNT Chip

3D Performance

You may be surprised that you find two results of the Asus and Creative cards. Those two cards are using more conservative memory timings, resulting in higher reliability, but lower performance. If you change the memory timings to the same as used by Diamond, Hercules and STB, e.g. by using Powerstrip , you get a significantly higher performance. I did not come across any instabilities after switching the two cards to the faster memory settings, they don't become more or less stable than the Diamond, Hercules or STB cards. Elsa's Erazor II can not be switched to the fast memory timings unless you want to run into a system crash. Thus the Erazor II is the real loser in the test, all the other cards are close to identical once fast memory timings are being used. You shouldn't blame Asus or Creative for trying to ensure highest stability, both cards can be as fast as the other three if you wish.