Computex 2007: Coolers and Power Supplies

Scythe: 12 Heat Pipe CPU Cooler

The Japanese cooler manufacturer Scythe brought lots of products to Computex, but there is only one we did not already see at CeBIT. Zipangi's a huge processor cooler, with overall dimensions of 145x145x88 mm and a 140 mm fan. We don't see a true innovation in the design, but Scythe guarantees that it's a very good performer and silent as well, although I don't believe that it would fit in my case, so check dimensions before purchasing. This cooler will be available after summer at an estimated price of $50.


Thermaltake adds the new DuOrb to its series of coolers for VGA cards and CPUs. This new cooler is like two Orbs put together. DuOrb is made of aluminum and copper fins, and they feature heat pipes. Compatibility is guaranteed for Socket 775 and AM2, and for higher-end AMD/ATI and Nvidia VGA cards.

There is some news for water cooling lovers, namely the new BigWater 760i, an all-integrated system that can be installed in a two 5.25" bays. It works with the latest ThermalTake VGA cooling system, and if you bought a new Radeon HD 2900, Thermaltake has the TMG AT4 water cooler for your new video card.