Computex 2007: Coolers and Power Supplies

Lian Li: Copper Heavyweight Cases

PC-A70 has a top panel for USB, Firewire, audio and such...

We found some new case models at the Lian Li booth. The new products are the PC-A70 and the PC-A71, all-aluminum big tower cases with a lot of internal expansion bays, six 12 cm fans and a top I/O panel featuring USB, Firewire and audio jacks. The difference between these two models is that the PC-A71 has the panel available on the front. Both models are available in black and silver colors. The cases will be available in the middle of July at a price of approximately $200.

... while the PC-A71 comes with a front panel.

There's also a mixed aluminum and copper case that will be very expensive - expect to spend at least $500 on one of these limited products.