Computex 2007: Coolers and Power Supplies


Arctic Cooling is known as a cooling specialist for both VGA cards and CPUs. Let's see what's new from them at Computex.

Cool It Quicker! Arctic Cooling Accelero

The Accelero Extreme is a high end cooler for the DirectX 10 graphics cards by AMD/ATI and Nvidia: the GeForce 8800 and Radeon HD2900 series. It has a lot of aluminum fins that are connected by a heat pipe, and three low profile fans help to dissipate the heat. According to Arctic Cooling, the Accelero Extreme will be sold for about 40 dollars, which sounds reasonable to us.

Here you can see the new Arctic Cooling fan solution that can be use to transform a passive Accelero heatsink into an active cooling solution. The fans rotate at a low speed and hence should be as silent as Arctic Cooling promises. Just $10 will buy you a pair of these.

Arctic Cooling's Freezer Extreme was already presented at CeBIT 2007, but the firm couldn't market the product until now. This unit has as many as eight heat pipes, 226 fins and an efficient 120 mm fan to cool any processor. The fan is located in between the two fin bodies. It's compatible with Intel's Socket LGA775 and AMD's AM2. The price will be about 50 Euros; we could not get an estimate for the US market.