Computex 2007: Coolers and Power Supplies

Silverstone Between Cases And Power Supplies

Silverstone, well known for its high-end computer cases, displayed a new family member of the Temjin series: the TJ10. This model is based on the TJ09 design, but it has some features such as two PSU bays, one in the upper part and the second at the bottom of the case. It also supports longer expansion cards such as AMD/ATI's Radeon HD and Nvidia's GeForce 8 series.

The TJ10 will be available in a few months. The price has not yet been decided, but Silverstone has a target of $250-300.

GD02 is available with or without LCD display.

Silverstone also presented the GD02, a Grandia series case for media center PCs. It's a desktop model than can host MicroATX motherboards, and it has an LCD display on the front panel to control the media center functionalities. It probably will be around $400 when it comes to market in August. There's also a version without the LCD display.

Silverstone has also new cases "for those who are not willing to spend $300". This is the Kublai series, with three models that cost about $120 each. These cases are cheaper because only the front panel is made of aluminum - the structure is steel.