Computex 2007: Coolers and Power Supplies

Power Supply Units

1,200 W For $150? Chieftec Turbo Series

Chieftec presented new power supplies, which all feature one 120 mm fan and an 80 mm fan on the back. As a result, the dimensions aren't particularly small. The top model will deliver up to 1,200 W, which is far away from being impressive anymore, yet should be enough to power any multi GPU, multi core, multi hard drive system available today. The price for the 1,200 W model should be less than $150, which would be phenomenal.

Lian Li: 1,000 W PSU With Copper Housing

It looks nice, but it's heavy and copper actually is a better conductor than steel, which raises the question: why copper at all?

Maybe the real news is that Lian Li has entered the PSU market with a complete range of various models, starting from 450 W to 1 kW, in both standard and modular designs. Last but not least here is the all-copper 1,000 W PSU! These PSUs will be available starting in September; prices have not yet been decided.

PowerMonster: 2 KW External PSU

Okay, this is the first 2,000 W power supply. It's so huge that it would never fit into your case, so it's external. I wonder if it could power Larrabee?

While we were walking between stands, a strange PSU attracted our attention. Ok, we know that power supplies are becoming more and more powerful, but we didn't know that they're also getting so much bigger. This product won't even fit into standard cases anymore, so it's built for external use. PowerMonster showed a 2000 Watt external PSU for PC interface, but it is only a prototype.