How To Customize Your PC Case & Achieve Professional Results

THG's Exclusive Interview With Steve Horch, Continued

THG - Can you tell us about one of your favorite cases that you have done ?

The AMD/Pyrinex/Ultra Unreal system is a favorite custom case that Steve found very rewarding to create. This case was commissioned by Abi Singh of Pyrinex as first prize in the Ultra Unreal tournament. It was built to the maximum, making it an exceptional system with a customized look to match.

SH - Well, I have done so many special paint projects that it is always difficult to choose just one, but of course the high-profile, commissioned jobs are always the most rewarding. Each and every case is special in its own way. I don’t think that I have ever really painted two cases that were the same. Recently, I was commissioned by Pyrinex to create a one-of-a-kind, special case for the Ultra Unreal LAN party. Abi Singh at Pyrinex asked me to take the new Antec Performance Plus 880 case and create a one-of-a-kind Unreal case for him to build a system in for the first prize winner. This case featured a window, blue cold cathode lighting, and warrior graphics, with an incredible black and silver finish. I am always working on something special beyond what I consider the ’standard’ cases that folks order from my web site. The only limit as to what is possible is the imagination of the people commissioning the work.

From this angle, we can see how it looked before the components were installed into the system. The system featured a window with a new style of chrome trim that Steve has been experimenting with for a few months. Since AMD was a title sponsor of the event, Steve was authorized to use the AMD logo on the case. It should be noted however, that using company logos on cases without proper authorization can present potential trademark and copyright infringement problems. You will want to first be sure your logo isn’t trademarked or copyrighted by anyone else before painting a logo of any type on your case.