How To Customize Your PC Case & Achieve Professional Results


Whether you subscribe to the belief that customizing your case is an art or that it is a science there is no denying that PC "Case Modding" has become increasingly popular over the last year, while the demand for customized PC cases continues to grow. In my previous THG article, How To Select The Right Case we touched on the topic of case modification , and based on the number of questions we received, it was obvious that this was a topic about which our readers wanted to know more. According to Michael Chang of Directron, "Case modification's growth and popularity has exploded over the last fourteen months, and the number, as well as the types of customizations, continues to increase at a torrid pace ."

Rather than re-hash the same old information that you can easily find on a variety of web sites, we chose to take a fresh THG approach to this topic by asking questions and seeking answers from a professional who makes his living painting and modifying (modding) cases.

Steve Horch , the owner and operator of Crazypaint Custom Finishes , agreed to sit down with us for an exclusive interview and share some of his thoughts, insights, and secrets on the subject of case modding. In addition to this in-depth interview and discussion, we asked Steve to prepare a detailed tutorial on a case modification that you can do yourself and achieve the kind of professional results that are normally limited to the most skilled of case modders. We found our discussion with Steve to be very candid, and to offer some exceptional insight into his area of expertise.

Before we get into our interview with Steve, he asked us to make it very clear that case modding can be hazardous to your health and safety . Many of the tools and items that are used in the modifications of PC cases can cause injury, especially if you are a novice and not skilled in using them.

Proper safety precautions are a must when working with many of these items. By proper safely precautions, we mean the use of a stable work surface, goggles, respirators for painting, and, of course, proper power tool etiquette. Safety should always be first and foremost on your mind when working with any power tools and while attempting the majority of these case modifications. If you lack experience using power tools and the like, you should seek assistance from someone who has experience with such things; or you could consider purchasing a pre-modified case and/or components. Pre-modified cases and components are available from a variety of sources, including Steve Horch's own company, Crazypaint Custom Finishes.

As a further disclaimer, neither THG nor Crazypaint will be held responsible for damage or injury that might occur from the use or misuse of the information in this article. Use of any of the information in this article is at your own risk, and readers under age 18 should have parental permission before attempting to modify any computer case and/or attempting to use power tools.

With all of that said, on to the interview!