El Cheapo: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300

Test Configuration And Details

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AMD HardwareSocket 462
ProcessorAMD Athlon XP 1500+ (1333/266 MHz DDR)AMD Athlon 1400 MHz (1400/266 MHz DDR)AMD Duron 1300 MHz (1300/200 MHz DDR)AMD Duron 1200 MHz (1200/200 MHz DDR)
MotherboardEPOX EP-8KHA+ (VIA KT266A) Revision: 2.0.
Memory256 MB DDR-SDRAM, CL2, PC2100, Micron
Intel Hardware P4Socket 478
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4/1700 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)
MotherboardASUS P4T-E (I850) Revision: 1.00
Memory2 x 128 MB, RDRAM, 400 MHz, Viking
Intel Hardware CeleronSocket 370
ProcessorsIntel Celeron 1200 MHz (100 MHz FSB)Intel Celeron 1300 MHz (100 MHz FSB)
MotherboardASUS TUSL2-C (I815EPT) Revision: 1.04
Memory1 x 256 MB, SDRAM, 100 MHz, CL2, Micron
Common Hardware
Graphics CardGeForce 3Memory: 64 MB DDR-SDRAMMemory Clock: 400 MHzChip Clock: 250 MHz
Hard DiskChip Clock: 250 MHzUDMA100 7200 rpm 2 MB Cache
Drivers & Software
Graphics DriverDetonator 4 Series V21.88
DirectX Version8.1
OSWindows XP, Build 2600
Benchmarks and Settings
Quake III ArenaRetail Version 1.16command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0Graphics detail set to 'Normal'Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
3DMark2000Version 1.1 Build 340 - default Benchmark
3DMark2001Build 200 - default Benchmark
SiSoft Sandra 2001Professional Version 2001.3.7.50
Newtek LightwaveRendering Bench SKULL_HEAD_NEWEST.LWS
mpeg4 encodingFlask V0.6 (MPEG 3)DivX 4.02.01Compression: 100Data Rate: 1500 kbitFormat: 720x480 Pixel@25 fpsno Audio
Studio 7Version 7.02.7 (MPEG 2)
Sysmark 2001Patch 3
LameLame 3.89 MMX, SSE, SSE 2, 3DNow
WinACE2.04, 178 MB Wave-File, Best Compression,Dictionary 4096 kB
Cinema 4D XL R6CineBench 6.103
Suse Linux 7.3Kernel 2.4.13 Compilition

Benchmarks Under Windows XP

We used a total of 16 different benchmark tests in order to obtain a well-rounded and balanced picture of how the Duron 1300 performs. The OpenGL performance is measured through various Quake 3 tests - the Direct3D performance from the DirectX package is measured with 3D Mark 2000 (based on DirectX 7) and 3D Mark 2001 (based on DirectX 8). A comprehensive test scenario is created by a variety of benchmarks for MPEG encoding: with the help of the Lame MP3 Encoder, a 178 MB WAV file is converted to the MPEG-1 Layer 3 format. In addition, we took a look at MPEG-2 encoding within a project, for which we used the video editing software Pinnacle Studio 7. For a while, we have been using the professional Lightwave package version 7b from Newtek to evaluate rendering performance. Another important and practical application is archiving, for which we used WinACE-Packer. Compiling the newest Linux Kernel 2.4.13 has long been part of our standard repertoire. In order to test office performance, we used the Sysmark 2001 benchmark.