El Cheapo: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300

3D-Rendering: Newtek Lightwave 7b

The Celeron 1300 clearly has the advantage, as shown by the results of the Lightwave benchmarks. These results are exactly the same as in the previous test - the Duron cannot change things, despite its increased clock speed.

Office Performance: Sysmark 2001

In the Office Performance category, the Duron 1300 overtakes the Celeron 1300 by a nose.

Linux Compiling: Suse Linux 7.3/ Kernel 2.4.13

The Celeron 1300 is faster at compiling the newest Linux kernel than its competitor from AMD. The Celeron takes only 263 seconds to do the task, while the Duron 1300 takes 311 seconds.