El Cheapo: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300

Detailed Comparison: Duron 1300 Vs. Celeron 1300

Manufacturer AMD Intel
Processor Duron 1300 Celeron 1300
CPU Core Morgan Tualatin
Manufacturing Technology 0.18 Micron 0.13 Micron
CPU Platform Socket 462 Socket 370
CPU Bus Clock (Front Side Bus) 100 MHz 100 MHz
L1 Cache 128 kB 32 kB
L1 Cache Access core clock core clock
L2 Interface 64 Bit 256 Bit
L2 Cache 64 kB 256 kB
L2 Clock Speed core clock core clock
L2 Cache Range 64 GB 64 GB
Chipset and Memory Support
Memory Clock 133 MHz 100 MHz
Chipset VIA KT133 to KT266A
SiS 735
Ali Magik 1
Nvidia nForce
AMD 750 and 760
Intel 815EPT
VIA Apollo 133T
SiS 633/635T
3D Instruction Extensions
MMX yes yes
3D Now yes no
3D Now+ yes no
SSE yes yes
SSE2 no no
Electrical Specifications
Multi-processor Capability no no
Core Voltage 1.45 to 1.75 Volt 1.30 to 1.65 Volt
Power (max.) 43 Watt 29 Watt
Amperage 47 Amperes 50 Amperes
Thermal Protection (Thermal Diode) yes yes
Integrated Thermal Logic no yes
Price ~ $95 ~ $118
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