El Cheapo: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300

Duron 1300 Vs. Celeron 1300, Continued

With the launch of the Duron 1300, AMD introduces another processor based on the well-known Morgan core. It is quite possible that the manufacturer will also present the Duron 1400 with the same core until the new CPU core (codenamed Appaloosa, based on 0.13 micron technology) is introduced, early this year. We've already looked at the primary structure of the Duron and put it through many lab tests in the articles Intel vs. AMD: Celeron 1300 vs. Duron 1200 and Attack: Duron 1200 Takes On the Pentium 4

The two arch enemies: AMD Duron 1300 and Intel Celeron 1300.

A view of the CPU die of the AMD Duron 1300.