El Cheapo: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300

The Battle Continues: Duron 1300 Vs. Celeron 1300

Typically, the cheap PC systems that are often sold by the big retail chains are equipped with an AMD Duron or Intel Celeron. Here, the price range of these cheapies starts with $425, but the spartan configuration of such PC systems is striking: usually, the PC contains integrated graphics, a very small hard drive (e.g. 20 GB) and 128 MB SDRAM. If you want to upgrade the system later to keep up with the current standards, you are out of luck, as this is not possible. From an economic standpoint, for the end user the investment has gone to waste. So it is no wonder that in 2001, AMD was able to sell more Athlon processors than Durons. It is an established fact that there's a big demand for low-priced processors (also known in marketing jargon as "entry level" processors). But this is not the case in Europe or the USA; the major markets for the AMD Duron are clearly in Eastern Europe and Asia.

A typical low-cost system for $499 - equipped with an Intel Celeron in this case.