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Falcon Northwest Upgrades the Mach V With AM2

Inside The Case, Continued

As we mentioned before, the cabling inside a Falcon Northwest system is the way any system, entry level or bleeding edge, should be done. It shows a level of professionalism that is mostly dead in the world of PC builders, retained only by the high end system makers. When the cables are out of the way, airflow is maximized, and it also looks good when you want to show off your case to your friends. They look inside and are as impressed with the guts of the beast as they are about the amazing craftsmanship seen on the outside.

This system came equipped with two BFG 7900GTX OCE graphics cards, at factory-set speeds of 670 MHz for the core and 820 MHz (or 1640 MHz DDR) for the memory, which is 20/10 MHz faster than the Nvidia specification.

Two other cards fill out the Mach V we received : a Creative Labs Soundblaster X-Fi audio card, and a BFG PhysiX card. The new Asus motherboard now allows gamers to have their cake and eat it too. Before, you could only fit one PCI card into the system as the dual slot graphics cards in SLI limited expansion options. Gamers purchasing systems like this are assured that they will be ready when physics intensive games start hitting the market and while they wait, they get the best sound for their games or leisure.


System Hardware
ProcessorAMD Athlon 64 FX-62 @ 3.1 GHz
PlatformAsus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Rev 1.1 BIOS 0203
RAMCorsair CM2X1024-64002x 1024 MB @ 222.0 MHz (444.0 MHz DDR) CL5-5-5-18
Hard Drive2x Western Digital Raptor, WD1500ADF 150 GB, 10,000 RPM16 MB cache, SATA150, RAID0
NetworkingOn-Board nForce Gigabit Ethernet
AudioCreative Labs Soundblaster X-Fi
CPU HeatsinkSanyo Denki San Ace MC Liquid
Graphics Cards2x (SLI) BFG GeForce 7900 GTX 512 MB GDDR3 670 MHz Core 820 MHz (1640 MHz DDR) Memory
Power SupplyFalcon Custom Silverstone Modular 650W
System Software & Drivers
OSMicrosoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600, Service Pack 2 (v 2.0)
DirectX Version9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Platform DriverAsus - nForce 9.15
Graphics DriverNVIDIA - Forceware 84.43