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Falcon Northwest Upgrades the Mach V With AM2

Doom 3

Doom 3 paints a similar scenario. The OpenGL Doom 3 engine needs system throughput, and the Falcon Mach V stays out in front with antialiasing turned off. When it is enabled, the Monarch system takes the Mach V but only at 1600x1200 resolutions and above. Most gamers don't play at resolutions above 1280x1024, so it is a small victory if any.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Half-Life 2 is a much more system-limited game, and the results show this. The only way to push this would be to have a faster CPU and system buses. The Falcon Mach V brings the frames per second rate to an all time high from any system we have seen so far in games with the Source Engine, like Half-Life 2 and CounterStrike Source. All of the antialiasing and anisotropic enabled resolutions beat the Monarch system except 2560x1600.