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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 3: Alienware's ALX

Half-Life 2

UT 2004

Benchmark Conclusions

We are impressed with how the Alienware ran when turned back down from its unstable clock speeds. The motherboard auto overclock of 8% was not always as stable as it should have been for a PC shipped to a consumer. When we asked Alienware what their overclocking philosophy was, they stated that they will do it at the request of the customer. One of their technicians stated that they would not go any higher than 8%, and that level of overclocking was dependent on the system configuration ordered by the consumer.

As we mentioned earlier, there were issues with running 3DMark 2003. We could not run it at the 216 MHz system clock or at the toned down 211 MHz, while all other tests performed well at 211Mhz. We are now looking into a possible issue between 3DMark 2003, overclocked AMD FX-57s and NVIDIA 7800 GTX video cards. We will have more on that when we can isolate the root cause.