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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 3: Alienware's ALX

AWP - Accessories, Warranty, & Price


Now when you are spending a several thousand dollars on a new PC, you come to expect a little more than just a case with the best parts money can buy, put together by professionals. And in that thought, Alienware provides customized goodies for your gaming and other such PC pleasures.

Upon opening the system box you find an aluminum briefcase with the ALX logo laser cut on both sides. Both the system and briefcase keys are inside, along with a keychain, pen, portfolio and custom legal pad all printed with the Alienware and ALX logo. As another little bonus, Alienware included the July 2005 edition of MaximumPC.

Alienware ships their systems with a Microsoft keyboards and mice of multiple styles and types. They want the consumer to customize to whatever color and feel you want the system to have. We received the Microsoft InteliMouse Explorer 4.0A USB/PS2 mouse, along with the Microsoft MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A. Both are upgraded options that will generally cost slightly more.

To complete the Alienware theme on your desk is a custom Func Industries Surface 1030 mouse pad with the ALX Logo (in matching black), while the standard Func mouse pad case has been embossed instead with the Alienware logo to boot. We also found an additional top radiator bezel (also plastic) for the case to give it a different appearance than preinstalled.

If and when things go awry, a boot CD & image DVD (Alienware recovery disks to get the system back to the original factory install). The trusty owner's manual is included along side the Windows Recovery CD for NVIDIA nForce4-Chipsets, the Aurora 7500 SLI Support CD and Nero Express 6 installation CD.

Of course, no Alienware system would be complete without an Alienware ALX t-shirt included to sport for lounging and other assorted purposes that fit your gamming lifestyle.