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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 3: Alienware's ALX

Look And Feel, Continued

In the Alienware air-cooled systems there are card keepers on all of the cards. The water blocks on the graphics cards do not allow space for a card keeper.

Alienware installed a CardKeeper over the Audolgy2 sound card to keep it from popping out of place during moving. Also installed are a PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 with 650W peak.

The cabling is very neat and tidy. Because this system has been cabled with neat folds, there is very little cable showing on the innards. Alienware also coated the case panels with sound dampening material bearing nothing else, but their distinctive logo. All cables, and covers and sheathing are matching black, which adds to the aesthetic-appeal of the case. Attached to the cross bar of the case are fourteen extra screws for making upgrades or other home improvements. Interestingly, we did not see a single one of these screws used in the construction of our system.

The CPU Water Block

The tubing that runs the coolant around this system is only one fourth of an inch in diameter, although the large radiator that takes over the entire top of the case works hard enough to keep the water cool.

Cool air enters the case from the side panel (brand) 80mm and rear 120mm fans and exits via the two 120mm fans on top of the radiators and out the power supply - all hot air leaves out the top where it eventually congregates.