Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 4: CyberPower' XLC


CyberPower, based in Baldwin Park, Calif., was founded on two principles : to give its customers "personalized cutting edge technology at wholesale prices" and to back those customers with "extensive" customer support. CyberPower sent us a liquid-cooled system, the Gamer Ultra XLC, in support of their creed.

Like the other custom systems we have thus far reviewed in this series, the Gamer Ultra XLC we received was built with top-flight components. What separates this system from the others ? Their wholesale price.

Unlike Alienware, which seeks to introduce it owners to an aura of lifestyle fit for sovereigns, the Cyberpower is geared more for the hardcore gamer who will pickup a new game and beat it before returning to work or school. And catering to the demands of that hardcore mentality translates into a system that offers solid performance at a reasonable price that the average gamer can swallow. The system is also without all of the unnecessary perks that the hardcore gamer is better off without.

In addition to desktops, Cyberpower also offers gaming notebooks that fit the needs of the same lifestyle segment.