Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 4: CyberPower' XLC

Look And Feel

Although the front of this case seems a little on the flashy side, its construction is solid and full featured. Next to a six-pin Firewire and two USB ports on the front of the case is an LCD indicating the CPU’s temperature with a knob to control a 120 mm fan mounted in the side window blowing air over the dual graphics cards. A second rheostat was located in the uppermost 5 1/4" bay to adjust the speed of the fan on the CPU water-cooling radiator.

The case we received from Cyberpower was clean and the cabling was good. Extra power cables were bound neatly and all of the cables in use were neatly run. However, it seems that Cyberpower did not go the extra mile over other systems in this same price range in their cabling. They chose to save a little money by not sheathing some of the cabling but overall we liked what we saw.

The video cards were secured with an SLI adapter depressor to ensure that the SLI adaptor and the video card wouldn’t come loose and reek havoc with the system. We are very appreciative of this added touch since we are looking at nearly $1,000 alone in graphics cards in this system.