Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 4: CyberPower' XLC

Benchmark Conclusions

The Cyberpower may not be the fastest system available, but it easily is not the most expensive system money can buy either. This system did not "WOW" us, but it was an entirely respectable gaming machine that performed very well in our tests - and its price is reasonable.

The Alienware ALX we reviewed earlier beat the Cyberpower in every test except 3DMark2003 that the ALX would not run, and UT2004, where the Cyberpower beat out the ALX by a nominal amount.

There is a vent in the top for the radiator. This is not the best approach to cooling the CPU as all the collected heat exits out the top of the case. Cooler air should be utilized to minimize CPU overheating.

The odd things we saw were in 3DMark 2003 where once again, our test system with an AMD FX-55 beat the system builder’s creation. The other anomaly was witnessed in Far Cry at 1600x1200 with AA and AF turned off. The score should have been much higher than the 1600x1200 with 4xAA and 8xAF. However, the opposite was true. We are not sure if this was due to less system memory (1 GB instead of our 2 GB) and/or the heat issues we witnessed earlier.