Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 4: CyberPower' XLC

Setup Comments And Operating Specs

cyberpower-back.jpg alt=.

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System Settings
CPU Multiplyer14.0
HT/FSB/CPU Frequency200 MHz
CPU VoltageAuto
DDR VoltageAuto
Chipset VoltageAuto
LDT Multiplyer---
LDT Voltage---
HT Voltage---
PCI Clock Synchronization ModeAuto
PCIe Clock116 MHz
Graphics Clocks
GPU Core Clock430 MHz
GPU RAM Clock1.20 GHz
Memory Timings
MemclockEffective Frequency400 MHz
TclCAS Latency2
TrasRAS Active Time5T
TrcdRAS to CAS Delay2T
TrpRow Precharge Time2T
TrcRow Cycle Time7T
TrfcRow Refresh Time9T
TrwtRead-to-Write Time2T
TwrWrite Recovery Time2T
TwtrWrite to Read DelayN/A
TwclWrite CAS LatencyN/A
TrrdRow to Row DelayN/A
TrefRefresh TimeN/A
CMDCommand Timing / Memory Timing2T

The scores we received from the Cyberpower system were very good, and ended up where we expected them for this system. But while it cranked out better performance than our reference system, it still was behind the competition. However, this was expected since this system was running all stock parts at completely default specifications. Except for the cooling issue we corrected with the faster fan speeds, the game play and testing went smoothly. However, we were puzzled with some of the scores that we got during the testing. We will discuss this a little later.

The THG Reference System

Below is the test system we ran our tests on for the main reference point.

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Test System
CPUAMD FX-55 (2.6 GHz)
FSB200 MHz
MotherboardGigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI (939 nForce4 SLI)
Memory1 GB - 2x Corsair PC4400 at 200 MHz 512 MB
HDDWestern Digital 10,000rpm 74 GB Raptor S-ATA (8 MB)
Power SupplyEnermax EG851AX 660W
CPU Cooling SolutionZalman CU-CNPS 7700-CU
Drivers & Configuration
GraphicsATI Catalyst v5.8NVIDIA v77.77
ChipsetnForce4 SLI
OSWindows XP Prof. SP2
DirectXDirectX 9.0c
Graphic cards used in this article
ATIRadeon X850 XT PE (ATI)
NVIDIAGeForce 6800 Ultra OC (BFG Tech)GeForce 7800 GTX (NVIDIA Reference)