Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 4: CyberPower' XLC


A few months ago, THG set out to find and test the best SLI systems in the world. After initially testing three systems with NVIDIA’s 6800

Ultras graphics engines, NVIDIA released its latest and greatest graphics product 7800 GTX . After our analysis of NVIDIA’s latest card, we promised to review the product in a series of high-end systems and compare them against our reference platform.

Now as the summer comes to a close, we have been busy looking for the cream of the extreme. What is out there for the hardcore gamer ? How about for the IT professional who only wishes to go home at the end of the day and just be able to play instead of monkeying around with his or her system ?

In our test labs we have so far looked at the following systems based on this newest

NVIDIA SLI monster :

We continue to individually test and scrutinize more systems and will post a review every few days over the next few weeks. After we post all six system reviews, a wrap-up article will pit each system against its high-performance peers. Last time we looked at the Alienware ALX. Today we look inside the CyberPower Gamer Ultra XLC.