GeForce GTX 780M, 770M, And 765M: Scaling Vs. Radeon HD 8970M

Results: F1 2012 And Tomb Raider

F1 2012 and Tomb Raider are the only two games in today’s test suite not endowed with an FPS-over-time graph, so this unlikely pair gets shoved together here.

The first test, F1 2012, is primarily bottlenecked by system memory at its High Quality preset, though the Radeon HD 8970M appears to suffer from a little of its own overhead, dragging the score a bit lower. But the fact that every GPU achieves high frame rates alleviates my concern over that discrepancy.

The GeForce GTX 765M falls behind in F1 2012 with Ultra quality applied, though a check through our logs shows it never dropped below 38 FPS, which is still smooth.

Tomb Raider is a more GPU-limited title. However, our logs reveal that the GeForce GTX 765M’s 27.2 FPS at 2560x1600 only drops to a 22.6 FPS minimum. That's still pretty playable. High Quality mode is easy for these GPUs.

Stepping up to Ultimate Quality is far tougher. The GeForce GTX 765M falls below a 20-FPS minimum, even at our lowest resolution. The GeForce GTX 780M and Radeon HD 8970M play through to the notebook panel’s native 1920x1080.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • outlw6669
    Nice review.
    I can honestly that I was not expecting Pitcairn to perform so well against GK104 while also maintaining lower power consumption!
  • guvnaguy
    Are Optimus or Switchable Graphics available in these systems?With those solutions around, I wish we could start seeing reasonable (>4-5 hr) battery life out of these laptops when not under load.
  • damric
    In about a year or so when there is a catalog of Mantle games, laptops could make a comeback as a viable gaming platform under $1500.
  • blackmagnum
    When will they make mainstream external boxes for these gaming cards? Give it a cheap and fast link to a notebook and price it competitively to the gaming laptops; awesome upgrades like the desktop crowd.
  • tchahin
    I own a 780M.I would like to see 780M versus 8970M using Mantle in BF4.
  • San Pedro
    I really like my 8970M. It's awesome having that much power in a notebook. I just hope it doesn't die like my 6990M did.
  • cats_Paw
    A great place to check GPUs in laptops and laptops in general is notebookcheck.netIts especially important because heat can be a problem in laptops very, very fast.Sure those did not seem to have that problem but ambient temps, as well as dust acumulation are two factors rearly taken into consideration when talking about overheating.
  • daglesj
    I have seen people buy the kind of laptops that these cards exist in. The main issue with them is that they are often so compromised in one way or another they spend more time getting sent back for repairs and fixes than they do on the owners desk.Like TVR cars, they did more miles strapped on the back of low loaders going to and from Blackpool than actually on its own wheels.
  • gxpbecker
    the wife has a MSI i7QM 3630 i believe and a 670mx. It has been over a year and still runs strong. Alpha testing EQNLandmark with her laptop and it runs like a champ on a mix of ultra and high settings. we have not had one issue with it and runs pretty dang cool and quiet for a gaming laptop. not sure what machine the people you have seen Daglesj, but we are very happy with ours.
  • manitoublack
    Wish you included the GT750m SLi available on the Lenovo Y510P. I own said laptop and $ for $ couldn't ask for more, but have no real goal post against the other chips in the Nvidia range.Great to finally see some mobile GRFX chop reviews and look forward to more in the future.