GeForce3 Performance

AquaNox AquaMark

AquaNox is an amazingly good-looking DX8 underwater 3D-action game from the German game developer Massive Development. The 'Krass 3D Engine' (what a kewl name! Voll krass, eh!) is using a lot of GeForce3's new features and is therefore a perfect benchmark to show GeForce3's advantages over previous 3D-chip designs. Here's a short excerpt from the AquaNox website:

"Massive Development has been working closely with NVIDIA to expose the awesome power of 'GeForce3' in their forthcoming title 'AquaNox,'" said Sanford Russell, Senior Director of Partner Management at NVIDIA.

"Geforce3's nfiniteFX Engine has enabled Massive Development to bring real time Hollywood quality to their game. Only by using NVIDIA's hardware vertex shaders and pixel shaders, are they able to achieve their unique lighting solution at great frame rates.

'AquaNox' and its technology, the krass engine impressed us!

NVIDIA look forward to working with Massive Development again in the future to take games and gamers to the next level."

Here you can download some beautiful screenshots of AquaNox (7.4 MB) .