GeForce3 Performance


Dronez is another great looking 3D action game that uses OpenGL and GeForce3's new features. However, the results look a lot different to the AquaNox-scores.

Have a look at those Dronez screen shots (28 MB).

There is a wealth of different settings in Dronez:

I used the above four different settings for GeForce3, so I always kept bump mapping, texture cube map, register combiners and texture compression enabled. Unfortunately, bump mapping could not be enabled on Radeon, which obviously improved the frame rates that Radeon scored.

The results of the different settings with GeForce3 are a bit confusing:

You can see that at 640x480x16, the Dronez frame rates actually benefit from the enabled vertex shader, while at higher resolutions the frame rates are higher if the vertex shader is disabled. The texture shader improves frame rates when enabled, but not at high resolutions if the vertex shader is enabled as well. I hope NVIDIA can give me an explanation for this strange behavior.