GeForce3 Performance


You have seen the scores and looked at the screen shots. GeForce3 is certainly an impressive product that provides excellent frame rates at high resolutions and partly even at full scene anti aliasing. However, you've got to pay some hefty $400 for it, which will leave it out of reach for the majority of PC-users.

Due to the fact that this review is rather late, I had the opportunity to read several other reviews of GeForce3 at other websites. Most of my colleagues don't consider GeForce3 worth its money right now, because there aren't enough games available that support its new fancy features. I can only partly agree. Although the chip is still brand new and not even quite yet available to the public, I found already four different game engines that support its features. It seems quite obvious that the game developers are itching to use GeForce3's new features in their upcoming games. It is certainly correct that 3D-games will remain playable without GeForce3's new features, but I am sure that you will be able to benefit from GeForce3's stunning graphics in games very soon.

It is also pointless to remind you of the next upcoming NVIDIA-chip that will succeed GeForce3 in six months. NVIDIA's product cycle is half-yearly and so there will always be a better upcoming chip around the corner.

I personally recommend GeForce3 to all the ones of you who are really able to appreciate the new effects that GeForce3 can provide. There is no point in buying GeForce3 just for its higher frame rate scores in today's games. The ones of you who don't want to spend 400 bucks on a graphics card have no reason to feel bad though. Your current 3D-card will most certainly be able to run the 3D-games of the next 6-12 months just fine, especially if it has a GeForce, GeForce2 or Radeon based architecture and thus T&L. Without T&L you might be able to play today's games, but I doubt that any of the new game engines is going to appreciate 3D-cards without T&L anymore. Keep that in mind if you are considering a Kyro2 card.

GeForce3 is anything but a must-buy, but the ones of you who can afford it won't be disappointed.