GeForce3 Performance

Dronez, Continued

To be fair, I compared GeForce3 to the other cards with texture shader enabled and vertex shader disabled. Please keep in mind that the scores of ATi's Radeon DDR 64 MB are overly high, because Radeon did not support bump mapping in Dronez.

At this low resolution, all cards are actually scoring the same results. Only Radeon benefits from the missing bump mapping work.

At 1024x768x32, the GeForce2 GTS and GeForce2 Pro cards are falling behind, but GeForce3 has only a very tiny lead ahead of GeForce2 Ultra.

At the super-high resolution GeForce3 is still providing playable frame rates, while GeForce2 Ultra falls behind a bit further. However, GeForce3's lead over the high-end GeForce2 Ultra is not that impressive.