GeForce3 Performance


Evolva is a DirectX7 game that uses per-pixel lighting and dot3 bump mapping. The benchmark supplies you with the average as well as the minimal frame rate.

It's interesting to see that all GeForce2 and the GeForce3 are scoring the same average frame rates, while the more important minimal frame rates differ quite a bit. At this low resolution of 640x480x16 GeForce2 Ultra can take advantage of its higher technical fill rate compared to GeForce3. At higher resolutions, where memory bandwidth is the limiting factor, GeForce3 is in the lead due to its more efficient memory interface. You can also see that GeForce3 with quincunx-FSAA enabled scores exactly half the frame rate of GeForce without FSAA.

At 1024x768 and enabled bump mapping, GeForce3 can once more declass the competition. However, quincunx-FSAA does not provide frame rates good enough to ensure proper playability.

Looking at the average frame rate scores shows GeForce3 as the only card that's reasonably running Evolva at 1600x1200x32 with bump mapping enabled. However, the minimal score of only 16 fps makes it questionable if even GeForce3 is good enough for this challenge. You can obviously forget the quincunx-FSAA at this resolution.