Great Design: 2 New 17" LCDs from LG

Spatial Uniformity

The L1780U proved to be less uniform than the L1740P. One possible explanation is that the design constraints were stricter than for the L1780U. The L1740P, being thicker, might be able to house a better backlighting system.

In short, the static qualities of the L1780U are a bit short of those of the L1740P, but still quite acceptable, with values in the average for currently available monitors.

More Familiarity

It came as no surprise that the latency of the 1780U was similar to that of the L1740P - the panels are identical on the two models we were sent.

Though not world-class, the latency was acceptable. It was equal to what you find on a good 19" LCD, but short of what the best 17" monitors can do.