Great Design: 2 New 17" LCDs from LG


The equipment is similar to that of the L1740P, but the L1780U's transformer isn't built in, due to the model's reduced size. But there are dual VGA/DVI inputs. We tested the pivot function with VGA and DVI, and both worked. However, as usual, if you're running Linux you'll have to do without Forte Manager.

Clearly, the LG L1780U is a real success from the point of view of design and ergonomics. Now let's see how it performs.

Qualified Fidelity

In our calibration test, the L1780U's fidelity proved to be only about average, and not as good as the L1740P's. 65% of the colors were good, but the monitor had problems displaying dark colors.

While the L1780U's color fidelity is not as good as the L1740's, its black level is average, with the optimum brightness at 220 nits. However, that's still too high in absolute terms.

As with the L1740P, the contrast was very stable.