Great Design: 2 New 17" LCDs from LG

In Practice

This monitor was a joy to use with office applications. Text was perfectly sharp, the ergonomics were pleasant, and the brightness adapted easily to any working environment. The viewing angles were acceptable for office work, and for video games, they were just as good. While the panel isn't among the fastest, games were still perfectly playable except for very minor ghosting. And the interpolation of images in the 1024x768 setting was spectacular. Gamers who don't have super-powerful PCs will be able to run their favorite games in that resolution without losing too much image quality. Of course the situation quickly went downhill as the resolution dropped, and 800 x 600 was already a bit more problematic, but LG deserves praise for its efforts here. Along with Samsung, they're one of the few manufacturers who offer quality interpolation on 17" monitors.

Video didn't suffer too much from the latency either, but the video noise LCD monitors are known for introducing was too visible here, which is a shame. And the relatively narrow viewing angles were a bit of an issue for screening movies.


In the final analysis, the L1740P is a success in the areas of design and ergonomics, and a semi-success when it comes to raw performance. It's perfect for office applications and acceptable for gaming, but frankly, not for movies.