Great Design: 2 New 17" LCDs from LG


Though not perfect, the L1740P's ergonomics are still exemplary. Physically, the monitor has only a tilt adjustment, but fortunately it has a good range of movement. But the design of the user interface is where the real effort has been made here. Not only is the on-screen display (OSD) practical and well thought-out, there are some useful functions that you don't normally see elsewhere.

For example, when choosing a program type (movie, office use, and so on) the screen splits in two and shows you your original setting on the right and the new one on the left. This is one heck of a good idea, and it's a shame that it isn't available when making a simple contrast or brightness adjustment outside of the default programs. Still, it's a very praiseworthy effort.


The L1740P has the basic equipment, consisting of dual VGA/DVI connectivity and a transformer that's built into the panel, and no more.