High-Tech And Vertex Juggling - NVIDIA's New GeForce3 GPU

Quincunx ! Samples

Here are some samples I took in Quake3 Arena, High Quality, 1024x768:

Hello Voodoo5 - GeForce3's Other Multi-Sampling Features

The straightforward implantation of multi-sampling into GeForce3 enables more than high performing anti-aliasing. As already said, 3dfx's Voodoo5 was also using multi-sampling and so it doesn't surprise that GeForce3 is now listing all the special features that we know from Voodoo5 already. Alternative to the per-vertex motion-blur mentioned above, GeForce3 can also use multi-sampling to create this effect. The other typical multi-sampling effect is 'depth-of-field', which simulates the focusing of camera optics, blurring either the area far away or the area close up, depending on the focus.