Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same


No network socket: sadly, our test device didn't have an Intel network controller.

The "Application Pack" refers to Symantec Anti Virus 2003 and Ghost for conveniently backing up and copying partitions and hard drives. The driver CD had all the necessary mini-programs and drivers, including WarpSpeeder. Besides monitoring, this software allows very simple overclocking of the system with its auto-overclocking button, alongside a test function (verify). This function automatically determines a sensible maximum clock speed.

We found a great deal of cables and adapters in the package, the latter for FireWire (three ports), USB 2.0 (four ports) and audio (optical and coaxial digital output). Round cable for IDE and floppy are included, same with SATA power and data cable, and don't forget the wireless module with integrated rod antenna.

A final word of criticism about the user manual, which could be far more explicit - experienced users will be able to figure it out ok, but it won't answer all your questions if you're a novice.

These components have become rare: an IDE RAID controller for UltraATA.

This motherboard also provides WLAN according to 802.11b.

Exemplary: Biostar includes IDE and floppy round cable. These cost a ton in stores, representing considerable added-value.